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Linen fabric is the world’s oldest type of textile. Its production process is the most ecological and does not result in products that are harmful to nature or man. It is also non-polluting and does not produce waste. Nature itself provides us with the best that we can get from it.
Flax is a strong, inelastic natural fibre with antiseptic and antibacterial properties. It is breathable and suitable for people with allergies. Compared to any other fabric, linen creates the best microclimate for the skin, allowing it to breathe and absorb moisture and sweat effectively. Linen fabrics are resistant to static electricity, weaken the effects of radiation, protect against ultraviolet sun rays, making them suitable for protection even in spacecraft. Linen wrinkles quickly; however, such wrinkles are considered a sign of authenticity and good quality.
Unlike natural raw linen fabric, a linen that is industrially washed and softened shrinks significantly less after washing, it does not change the shape of the product and remains soft and gentle.