Allow us to invite you to join the more environmentally friendly lifestyle we promote. We must have a strong will to take care of the Earth today if we want our future generations to be left with an untouched world.


MoonHome’s mission is to decorate the space you sleep in responsibly. We are advocates of slow fashion, and when creating our collections, we use only high-quality, natural, safe, and long-lasting fabrics.


MoonHome’s vision is to create and develop a sustainable and socially responsible practice, using only natural raw materials, producing more sustainable and long-lasting products in more environmentally friendly ways.

Feeling as good on your skin as they are pleasing to look at, our timeless classic linen, cotton, or wool products will quickly become the mainstay of your linen closet.


The fast fashion that has taken over the world spurs emotional buying as opposed to need-driven consumption. MoonHome is a young sustainable company that speaks against the promotion of buying and accumulating cheap, unnecessary items. Therefore, we refrain from participating in mass discount promotions and sales. We sincerely believe that a financial investment in a quality and natural product will pay off faster, the item will last longer, there will be less negative impact on the environment, and the satisfaction with your purchase will not turn into remorse for excessive consumption. Our work and creative culture are based on the attitude that we do not produce large quantities and do not store for mass trade. We manufacture no more than needed. We have gathered in a strong, hard-working team, so we can best meet all your needs.

From our earliest days in business, we have contributed to saving natural resources. We carefully select high-quality raw materials and pay extra attention to leaving as little industrial waste as possible in the production process, thus minimising the negative impact on the environment.

In the deliveryprocess to our customers, we do not use surplus packaging materials that take a long time to degrade. We oppose the excessive use of plastic in packaging. Instead, we use fully biodegradable and environmentally friendly bags.